CAD Lectures

Cooperative Art Strategies and Participation Potentials in the Public Space

The public space is the place where interaction, social communication and democracy take place. An increasing interest of citizens worldwide to participate in community processes can be observed. But it is accompanied by a limited repertoire of participation’s forms, a lack of understanding between involved actors, an increasing isolation of living environments and the drifting apart of different living conditions. The Citizen Art Days are based on the conviction that art projects, which are realized by citizens, artists and urban actors together, are an appropriate approach to counteract those negative developments.

2014 »Artist Talk«, lecture and discussion, context: Monday Night Lectures, venue: ACC Galerie Weimar

2014 »Conferencia sobre el proyecto Citizen Art Days«, lecture and discussion, context: Erinnerungsfelder - campos de memoria, venue: Plataforma Bogotá (CO)

2013 »Nachhaltige Kunstprojekte im Stadtraum«, workshop and lecture, context: Reverberações - Festival für kollaborative Kunst, venue: Goethe-Institut, Sao Paulo (BR)

2013 »Gesellschaftliche Teilhabe durch Kunst«, lecture and performance, context and venue: Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft, Alfter/Bonn (DE)

2012 »Zeitalter der Partizipation«, presentation, context: 12. Bundeskongress politische Bildung, venue: Friedrichstrassenpalast, Berlin

2010 »Rückkopplungen«, presentation, context: 6. Berlin Biennale für zeitgenössische Kunst, venue: Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Berlin

2010 »Kunst und Gesellschaft im öffentlichen Raum«, presentation and workshop, venue: Depot Wien (AT)

2009 »The Impact of Cultural and Citizenship Education on Social Cohesion«, presentation, context and venue: NECE-conference, Wilnius (LI)